Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sustainability Accounting and Rporting

Question : What is the Sustainability Accounting ? Answer : Introducation The article focused on the determination of the role played by stakeholder engagement (fundamental accountability mechanism) alongside dialogue within the process of sustainability accounting and reporting. It has recognized engagement and dialogue with stakeholders remain crucial aspects of sustainability accounting alongside accountability. The article has explained why engagement and dialogue with stakeholders remain significance (Bebbington, Unerman, and O'Dwyer 2014). It has explained stakeholders expectation regarding social and environmental sustainability issues alongside the information needs of stakeholders. It has shown the key hurdle facing organizations that seek to engage stakeholders and theoretical viewpoints relating to diverse stakeholders needs and expectation prioritizations. It has further detailed processes of engaging and dialoging with stakeholders in organizations. The research approach such as theory and method used to understand the significance of stakeholder and engagement and dialogue in sustainability accounting and reporting are effective. By placing the two aspects within the context of entire process by which firms make decision on content and shape of reports published regarding social and environmental influence of operations, it is possible to appreciate the roles of the above 2 elements. The article has used previous theories or literature to understand stages involved in social and environmental reporting impacts which require the inclusion of stakeholders (Rinaldi, 2013). Further, article has effectively reviewed literature on attitude of shareholders regarding social and environmental sustainability disclosure and noted their strong interests which further reveals the need to engage and dialogue with this group of stakeholders. The article has also detailed evidence of engaging stakeholders in practice which makes the article more credible and easy to understand the significance of engaging and dialoging with stakeholder. References Bebbington, J., Unerman, J. and O'Dwyer, B., 2014. Sustainability accounting and accountability. Routledge. Rinaldi, L., 2013. Stakeholder engagement. In Integrated Reporting (pp. 95-109). Springer International Publishing.

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